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Composite & Lightweight Design

The future technology for all applications that need to be lightweight.

Composite, A Next Generation Technology

The advantages of composite components are incomparable and of increasing importance in more and more sectors: They achieve high stability with bending and tensile strength – while their weight is low. This is precisely what you need in wind engine and yacht building, medical technology and industry, and in the transport and leisure sectors.

Kitting Is Our Core Business

Our perfectly fitting kits are key to smooth processes in your production. They can be laid up quickly and precisely – with the help of good documentation and clever packaging. There’s no need for your employees to carry out any reworking or repairs. In this way, you can best deploy your own resources. All further processing goes quickly and smoothly.

Mau & Mittelmann – Your Strong Partner

Your benefit is our top priority. To that end, we set great store by cooperation. Jointly optimizing kits saves both cost and time. As your reliable partner, we ensure your orders are processed smoothly, just as agreed.

Our Market Segments

Lightweight stability is called for in many industries. Mau & Mittelmann kits form the core of a wide range of products.

Mau & Mittelmann

Two names, one kit: the association fits and has worked successfully for many years.

Business Is Made by People

We maintain collaborative partnerships with our customers and suppliers: personal, authentic, uncomplicated. As an owner-managed family company, we keep our word.
Our northern German roots are part of our success, so we’re pleased that many of our partners enjoy visiting us in Kappeln.

Knowing What’s Important

Over 20 years in composite and lightweight construction have given us a wealth of experience in numerous application areas and industries. We understand what to do, know what’s needed and find suitable solutions.
Our carpentry and boatbuilding skills provide us with decisive advantages for your orders. We work creatively and pragmatically – sometimes we even take unconventional paths to achieve the desired result.

Pioneering Spirit with Experience

We have been involved in wind power development right from the start. Mau & Mittelmann’s success story began in 2002 by constructing kits for wind turbine blades. We’re proud of that – and we feel encouraged to keep thinking and acting with a future orientation.
There’s still lots more potential in composite and lightweight construction. We seize opportunities and quickly adapt to new circumstances. For us, what counts is the result.

Our Strengths

We are glad to work well and reliably.

Our Commitment to Quality: Precisely Manufactured Kits

We work with a high level of quality in development, with the focus always on your needs and benefits. You can quickly process our custom-fit kits, which saves you extra work. That’s part of our understanding of sustainability – besides resource-friendly production and using recycled material.

Efficient Processing of Serial Kit Production

With a high degree of automation and certified quality management, we ensure that the products you order fulfil top-notch industry standards and arrive reliable on time.

Custom-made Products for Individual Requirements

We are always open to innovations – which is why we manufacture individual items for you with just as much passion, applying the same high standards.